"The first concept of Vivace."


Vivace () is a fanmade character of a singing synthesizer application software powered by ??????????. Her basic databanks were developed by BaileyBird on DA.

Insert stuff here. Vivace was published on June 28, 2011 and her design is by ??????> The data for the voice was created by sampling the voice of ???????, a ??????? of the ??????????.

01. HistoryEdit

Vocaloid AvatarEdit

Append- The Future of VivaceEdit

On December 2nd, 2011, there is rumored to be a release of the Vivace Append, a data library which will consist of several new Vivace voicebanks. All the new voicebanks are also rumored to be voiced by a new artist and will feature; Soft, Sweet, Dark, Vivid, Solid, and Light.

Bailey annouced that if the append was to actually happen, it would be by the same artist and would actually depend on the original voice to utilize the Append. Announced on Vivace's 7th month old celebration, the possible append was said to represent the certain moods that Vivace was to feel.

The original appends planned were "Dark", "Light", and "Sweet", but later on "Soft", "Vivid", and "Solid" were added.

Despite the rumored release of the append and the concept art of it, the append was never actually made.


During development

The task of coming up with Vivace's image was the challenge, being that the vocaloid it's self was meant to appeal to all ages and genres of music. When Bailey designed Vivace, the only direction was that Vivace was that she was an android of sorts that had been discarded.

However even after the task of designing her was done, Bailey did not provide much information in the way of Vivace's personality which has allowed the few fans she has to associate the traits that they think suit her best.

02. UsageEdit




03. ReceptionEdit


04. TriviaEdit

05. NotableEdit

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