The Character Chart is a list of characters protaining to every character ever created by BaileyBird, and how they connect to one another.

01. CantarellaEdit

Unlikely cursed with the company of seven representations of the Seven Deadly Sins, and haplessly falling in love with one of them, once normal witch thingie Celestin most overcome his inner demons (and now external ones) in order to save the island and his soul (and maybe win the heart of deadly sin crush.)

02. Wynter WishesEdit

Living in Sin is a harem-themed parody. After being cursed with the company of seven representations of the Seven Deadly Sins, college dropout Seth must overcome his inner demons (and newly external ones) in order to save his soul (and maybe become a model citizen in the process.)

Pride (Ophellie/Wynter):

Wrath (Nicolette/December):

  • Nickname Dessie/Desi.....

Lust (Violette/Autumn/Celestine):

Greed (Charlette/August):

  • Nickname Auggie....

Gluttony (Antoinette/Summer):

Envy (Amorette/April):

Sloth (Sephia/Spring):

03. Song of the StarsEdit

04. Canine RoboticsEdit

05. Nursery's End/ Farewell Fairy TaleEdit

Everafter follows the story of what truly happened after many familiar fairytale stories ended. Incidentally, most all the children starring in them ended up in a maximum security asylum. The most troublesome of which wears a red cap..

Little Red (Robin):

BBW (Wolfie):

Alice (Annette):

March Hare:

06. ?????? EscapeEdit

07. Autumnal EquinoxEdit

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